Estonia’s E-Residency And Bitnation Will Use Blockchain To Offer Public Notary To e-Residents

Starting December 1st 2015, the Estonian e-Residency program will work together with the virtual nation and use Blockchain Technology to offer a Public Notary service to e-Residents.

Readers are familiar with BITNATION which is the world’s first Blockchain powered virtual nation. The already platform offers do it yourself governance services, but with the international public notary it will be the first service specifically for Estonian e-residents.

From the site:

Estonian e-Residency is an initiative that allows anyone around the world to take advantage of the secure authenticated online identity the Estonian government already offers its 1.3 million residents. The launch of the BITNATION public notary illustrates how Estonian e-Residency can provide a platform for not only banking and corporate incorporation, but also other day-to-day governance services, that creatively address the needs of entrepreneurs and citizens around the world. If a couple get married on the Public Notary, it doesn’t mean they get married in the jurisdiction of Estonia, or in any other nation state jurisdiction. Instead, they get married in the ‘blockchain jurisdiction’. The blockchain technology provides a worldwide legally binding proof of existence and integrity of your contractual agreements.

These initiatives are shaping the new world, and are nicely counterbalancing the shift towards central planning. We will be following this initiative very closely.

Source: read the announcement at

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