Frightened By The Ongoing Loss Of Freedom And Democracy

Various issues around the world abound and these are not faced without debate. There are myriads of opinions regarding the general progress of society, however, no one is sure regarding what should be done. One such person who has been asked to talk regarding the society’s progress is Václav Klaus. In this article, we will be talking about his views regarding threats to general progress and expound on them point-by-point. Courtesy of Václav Klaus.

On Starting A New System

In his talk, Klaus referred to progress issues as misleading. He quoted Edmund Burke’s saying “The world advances progressively backward.” Believing in this phrase, Klaus states that the fall of communism wasn’t the end of our problems. It was the start of a series of problematic issues which we have to face today. Starting a new system requires leaving our old misconceptions, fallacies, apriorisms, and vested interests. And starting a progressive system necessitates avoiding creating new misconceptions.

As we can realize, the freedom we face from the fall of communism isn’t without its negative implications. Instead of progressing to a new, more developed era, we have found ourselves in an abyss of problems. Our misconceptions and old ways of thinking have sunk us deeper into chaos. As inhabitants of the world, we must remove our fallacies and face the present and the future with better ways of understanding and with a renewed sense of optimism.

The Threat Is “US”

“The greatest threat to our peace, freedom and democracy” are not the terrorists, the Governments, the dictators, the media, or even the Wall Street powerhouses. According to Klaus, “the problem… is that we are, together with our fellow citizens, weak, and opportunistic indecisive.” The problem is us.

We have been misled into thinking that the problems are those people around us. However, the problem is actually in ourselves. Klaus further stated that we are “victims of—and at the same time contributors to—the fallacy of political correctness.” He believed that we are weakening the very institutions that made freedom possible. He further stated that we are not courageous enough to defend our lifestyle. That we are not ready to defend ourselves against the “multiculturalist crusade” fighting “Western civilization.” We only “say it with a weak voice.”

Seeing Klaus’ views, we will understand that we too have our own errors. People have been criticizing the terrorists, the media, and the Government, however, we are not without fault. As citizens, we must act for the good of our nation which would equate to the good of our lives as well. Instead of acting with a “weak voice,” we must do so with a strong active approach to protecting our freedom.

On What We Ought To Do

Klaus is a firm believer of starting it “at home, with ourselves, with practical and realizable moves.” He believed that we are able to find rational methods and programs that can give us guidance on what we ought to do. Klaus tells that we should support free trade, the free exchange of people and ideas, and the opening up of countries. On the other hand, Klaus opposes transnationalism and global governance. He believed that globalization will generate conflicts.

Believing famous people’s ideologies can be good. However, it would be better if we start changing our lives. Klaus deserves merit for telling us to start at home, with ourselves. Our words and actions should be in line with the good of the human race. We must start pondering on what we have done wrong and learn from our mistakes. We must correct these mistakes and inhibit them from happening in the future.

Are We Prepared?

Stating that we live in a “Divided World”, Klaus reiterates that we are in a “Fractured World with too many dangerous battlegrounds.” However, the question is, “Are we prepared to do anything and do we really want it?”

Klaus believes that we are not yet ready. We live comfortably in our own lives and prejudices that we are not prepared to take an active approach to changing the society as a whole. “We don’t have strong views” and “we replace education with indoctrination in political correctness.”

People have lost the ability to understand the functioning of the whole society. We are not thinking and seeing the world in its entirety. Thus, the fragmentation of our thinking has made the jobs of modern manipulators easy. Contemporary Journalism and even the Internet has led us to amateur ways of thinking and it has become a “menace to our ability to grasp the world.”

Thus, as citizens, we must “openly and “sincerely” talk about the issues we face. We must learn to both listen and act for our own good. Instead of taking a stance regarding an issue, we must learn to face both opposing views. We must be open-minded and willing to take charge of our lives. As such, we must be prepared. We must be prepared to defend our democracy and make sure our children faces the freedom we have experienced in our lives.

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