Libertarianism In Action: Free Brazil Movement Impeached President Rousseff

Why is liberarianism catching on so fast in Brazil, and what can a libertarian movement accomplish on a huge scale in a country like Brazil?

The answer is simple: look at what The Free Brazil Movement accomplished recently.

An activist group of people, called The Free Brazil Movement, started a movement in Brazil. They were frustrated by the centrally planned government which has driven the nation to the “worst recession in Brazil in recorded history.” One simple fact to make that point: it takes 14 times longer to start a new business in Brazil compared to the U.S.

Below video shows how revolutionary the internet really is: it helped a small group of activists to spread the word through the internet and social media in particular, which was the basis of the long impeachment process of the Brazilian President Rousseff.

The anger of the Brazilian people, which was voiced by The Free Brazil Movement, could lead to restoring democracy in Brazil.

Before you watch the video, you should realize the fundamental thought of The Free Brazil Movement:

How is it that so many people still believe that the government can solve the country’s problem given that the opposite has always been proved to be reality. The philosophy of our libertarian movement is that politics are NOT derived from reasoning but from culture. So a new cultural identity based on freedom should be established first in order to change politics.

This is a must watch without any doubt.

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