Obama Airs ‘We’re Not Following Iraq Style Invasion’

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday that the United States is not going to follow the 2003 invasion model, instead it is sending forces to combat Iraq, the Islamic State.

Obama clearly said ‘We are not following the Iraq-style invasion’ in an interview with CBS, to combat the ISIL, an acronym for the militant group. But he also said that we will methodically squeeze and destroy ISIL ultimately and for this action a military component is definitely required.

President Barack Obama is planning more U.S. special forces which is an indication that the US is heading for another invasion to combat Iraq, the Islamic State same as the 2003 war that locked as a long, violent conflict.

Obama also added that his strategy to combat the Iraq and Syria militant group is completely different this time. Obama states the launch attacks will be there but “no boots on the ground there”, i.e. no ground forces.

In the interview, the objective of the US administration to launch attack was acknowledged and at the same time, the President also accepted that the U.S. Special Forces alone may not be able to raze the militant group, so they require additional intelligence.

How this is different from Iraq is the question. President Obama is taking the support of local forces and is planning direct air strikes.

He also said, ‘We are developing partnerships with the Sunnis and local tribes’. We know that they are not very strong, but are ready to combat ISIL and so we want them for a support, he informed CBS.

“We are developing partnerships, although they are not strong as we want yet, with local tribes and Sunnis who are willing to fight ISIL,” he told CBS.

President Obama in an interview with CBS aired that ‘no boots on the ground’ will be the combat style and also said the American people understand that we are not planning an invasion of Iraq or Syria in the Iraq-style invasion with battalions .

President Barack Obama defended the decision of his administration to send more special forces to Iraq and Syria. Obama also added, ‘I am very clear that this will be a systematic squeeze and is a direct approach to destroy ISIL’. We will be using military as the component and so the latest effort is being done to boost the U.S. military pressure to combat the Islamic State.

Courtesy of TheHill.com

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