Political Correctness: The Virus That Affects All Of Us, It’s About Control

Political Correctness, abbreviated as PC, is a virus that puts liberty loved people on their heels. In the words of Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute at mises.org: “When we allow progressives to frame the debate and control the narrative, we lose power over our lives. If we don’t address what the state and its agents are doing to control us, we might honestly wonder how much longer organizations like the Mises Institute are going to be free to hold events like this one today.”

Political correctness is the conscious, designed manipulation of language intended to change the way people speak, write, think, feel, and act, in furtherance of an agenda. It is best understood as propaganda, but, unlike propaganda, PC is all-encompassing. It seeks nothing less than to mold us into modern versions of Marx’s un-alienated society man, freed of all his bourgeois pretensions and humdrum social conventions.

Like all propaganda, PC fundamentally is a lie.

In the article Political Correctness Is About Control, Not Etiquette, Jeff Deist explain how it influences our lives (by means of herd psychology) and provides tips on what we can do about it.

Moreover, his great speech was recorded, and can be viewed below:



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