Ron Paul Less Concerned About Elections

Ron Paul reminded us that every election, it is told, it said to be the most important election. But now we can see how things are the same even under President Barack Obama.

Candidates swear each time they are different and have the best interest at heart, but eventually, every new boss is no way different from the old boss. Ron Paul was referring to the candidate ‘game changer’ that is never at all revolutionary.

When electing Barack Obama, we had to choose between George Bush and Obama, and the latter was expected to put an end to nonsense and bring real change.

We all know this was a wrong choice. President Obama is now reaching the end of his term, and it is now that the Bush’s wars have expanded and some new ones have started. But, Ron Paul was not the person to hype elections and he explained the reason:

‘It must not surprise you that I downplayed the elections importance always. I received distorted results, while, Americans get too preoccupied with elections, whether a Democrat or a Republican wins’, but actually, nothing changes’.

Ron Paul referred to a quote of some late journalist that ‘Every election is a kind of advance auction sale of stolen good’. This statement is true today. He also added that ‘Principle of subsidiary and decentralization can be an approach to move into the right direction by limiting the power of the politicians but also of the masses’

Paul explained “What’s disappointing,” is that this statement is now evident. Don’t expect change from top, this must come from the bottom. Promises actually relate to more stuff and it can be paid with the money of other people. This makes it hard to track everything.

Ron Paul said, ‘I approached voting and the elections always to change people’s minds. But, I never thought my election is going to change the world, like that is often seen advertised today’. He said,’ I took elections as a mode of communication to get out information’.

He continued: “America’s Founders detest democracy, and the modern-day America has set an example why. Americans have accepted philosophically that each government can steal money. It must always be remembered that the government produces nothing and has nothing inherently.

The only thing that goes on is stealing from somebody. He affirmed that ‘as long as people live in the illusion to get something for nothing they will be trapped and stateist will follow the approach: a goes together with b to steal from c and the next time c goes with b to steal from a and on and on…’. In the current system, all you own is the majority vote and once that is received, the property of other people is all up now for grabs.

Washington, Ron Paul reminded everyone that this is not an ideal place for thinkers. He said, ‘For a republic you need wise people which have no chance to get elected in this system of collective corruption’. So, Instead of concentration on the presidential election for name sake, it is good to use the opportunity to teach about principles.

Instead of winning a four-year stay in the White House, Ron Paul always ran with the intention of teaching others about the importance of liberty and why the solutions politicians keep implementing are the very causes of the problems we now face as a nation.

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