Swiss Citizens Reject The ‘Free Money’ Proposal

On May 30th, we posted an article regarding an initiative in Switzerland that would guarantee an unconditional income of CHF 2’500 for every Swiss adult and CHF 625 for children.

On Sunday, June 5th, the Swiss voters slammed that initiative, and put it to the dumpster where it belongs.

As reported by The Local, final results in the referendum showed 76.9 percent of voters opposed the initiative to provide an unconditional, basic income (UBI) to each Swiss national, along with foreigners who have been legal residents for at least five years.

This referendum definitely learns that the Swiss citizens understand that the proposal in this referendum was some kind of socialist nonsense, and that free money cannot create better and happier citizens, which was the benefit outlined by the organizers of the initiative. To the contrary, money for nothing does the opposite. It destroys character, drive and the valuable experience of overcoming resistance.

Fortunately, the Swiss still understand that growth and strength can ownly exist in the context of hard work and challenge. That is the basis for a solid character, motivation and self confidence — at the individual level, as well as at the level of a society.

There was definitely no lack of propaganda. Campaigners for the unconditional basic income made a final push earlier this week. The Local reported earlier this week that the Swiss government and nearly all the country’s political parties have urged voters to reject the controversial initiative, advice 72 percent are inclined to follow, according to the latest poll.

This is another textbook example on how Swiss citizens have sound ideas about money and a sound society.

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