The Long Game for the Long War: How The World Moves Toward Complete Colonialism

Dan Sanchez, author of the great blog, just recently wrote a great piece about the propagated ‘War on Terror’, whoever invented it and whatever that means. In his opening paragraph, he stresses that after 14 years into this era, it is mass-producing exactly what it was supposed to eliminate: terrorism and chaos. He writes: “Western intervention has racked up at least six jihadi-overrun failed states throughout the Greater Middle East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. The scope and scale of the imposed civilizational meltdown have become so great that the West itself has been increasingly inundated by its wreckage (in the form of refugees) and stung by its shrapnel (in the form of terrorist attacks).”

His vision is basically centered around the trend that eliminates the ‘gray zone’, i.e. the large group of people that is not in the camp extremists nor anti-extremists. The provocations by the extremists are just meant to polarize the world, leading to “an apocalyptic clash of civilizations, out of which the extremists will arise victorious.”

In his great piece “The Long Game for the Long War. Toward a Colonial End Zone with No Gray Zone“, Dan Sanchez concludes that the Western war mongers are advancing steadily (with the help of the jihadis) toward the end zone with no gray zone. So he tries to answer the question what happens when they get there? In other words, what do they do with all the terror and hate they have cultivated?

His answer in 2 words: complete colonialism. Think of razed cities, massive invasions, and military occupations. But he forecasts that the occupations will be permanent.

His blog post is a must read for everyone that tries to get a grip on the unfolding events in the world. He gives a clear explanation of the role of  the West, the jihadis, and other parties involved. Read it here.

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