UK Writing History Towards Freedom

June 23rd 2016 will be marked as the day Britain made history: the UK voted to Brexit! With 51.9% of the votes choosing to leave the EU versus 48.1% to remain, the British public has determined its own course. It has surprised its own community with its political will going against the tide, against the will of the state and business establishments that backed the Bremain camp.

It was a very tight race and the results came as a great surprise to many. The mainstream media responded with overwhelming negativity, with reports of the Referendum outcome overshadowed by concerns over political instability, an earthquake shaking Europe, the potential break-up of the United Kingdom, economic turmoil and plummeting financial markets. Even the British Pound dropped to the lowest level since 1985. However, these are the predictable manifestations of an initial, “kneejerk” reaction to the news, and a reflection of the sentiments of shock and anxiety towards this unexpected outcome. In time, markets and investors will come to terms with the idea that a Brexit is an opportunity for a new Britain.

This morning, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation, which will take effect in October. Until then, he will stay in office to “steady the ship” until a new and “fresh leadership” is ushered in Number 10 Downing Street.

As the Brexit camp had not officially demanded his resignation, the move signifies his respect for the public who chose an alternative course. What lies next? We shall monitor closely how events unravel, but for now, it is time to celebrate a new beginning for a sovereign Britain. It is time for the nation to come together and determine its own future.

The British people have made their choice for dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery and now I wish them an active and open debate to further pursue their act of enlightenment. The way forward, is through honest, unhindered and uncensored idea exchanges. It requires freedom-loving and liberty-minded leaders to embrace a culture of conversation, based on respect for different opinions; literally agreeing to agree that we don’t have to agree. Or, in Ron Paul’s words, as they appeared on twitter this morning: “ Individualism beats Nationalism & Nationalism beats Globalism”.

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