Precious Metals: The Place to Be

Claudio Grass from joined Bubba today for an awesome discussion on Gold, the FED and the rest of the nonsense going on globally. Bubba immediately asks Claudio about free markets and price discovery, Claudio responds with the central banks around the globe are too big and too powerful and need to be reigned in. The fact that the FED can basically print money at will is going to cause a greater problem down the road and we will have to pay the piper

Bubba and Claudio continue their conversation as Claudio explains how fast information moves. Bubba questions Claudio explaining that most people believe in the power structure and  even with the information they don’t necessarily believe. Claudio explains that change is needed, that people are being led down the path of destruction. Bubba and Claudio agree that the system is broken and that the too big to fail has to stop.

Bubba asks Claudio about and what they do. Claudio explains that they store their gold outside of the banking system believing that gold and silver are the global currency talking about the 50 hyperinflation we have seen along with many other problems that make the metals a place to be. One problem that investors have trouble dealing with is the need for immediate gratification, Claudio warns that gold is a great hard asset but not to trade but to own. Gold should be a long term safety play and not bought with money that will be needed tomorrow.

Last week Deutsche Bank refused redefinitions on paper gold and Bubba asks Claudio is he concerned that there is not enough gold to match all of the paper gold that is out there. Claudio is not a fan of the paper gold and is concerned that it may be oversold and not enough to match that amount. Bubba and Claudio talk about the problems created by eliminating true free markets and are concerned that socialism is coming much closer than we would like.

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