Dropbox vs Zero-knowledge: Who is the King of Secure File Storage Clan

Presently when everyone is talking about the secure file hosting service providers, “zero-knowledge” or “SpriderOak” has some serious offering for the users. Unlike Dropbox, SpriderOak is much safer. This file hosting system has been serving the clients nearly for 10 years and the safety provided by Zero-knowledge file hosting system is beyond the description.

Among a number of selling points for SpiderOak, the prominent one lies in making the encryption keys available to the users only unlike storing them with the services on the servers. SpiderOak addresses this policy as “zero-knowledge” and emphasizes on the fact that only users should have the keys to their kingdom. As the leading private backup solution provider firm, SpiderOak deals in the policy of providing the bigger and secured file hosting storage space to the users with effective plans that start with a monthly subscription right from $7 per month.

There are greater benefits that users could enjoy with zero-knowledge safe file hosting system. They have the option of paying monthly, annually, upgrading their versions, downgrading the same or even canceling at any given time.

Let’s dive deeper into technicalities to know the zero-knowledge file hosting technique a bit better.

Zero-knowledge cloud service is designed to store clients’ data. The data is stored in an encrypted form and only the related customers have the keys to decrypt the same. There is no involvement of third parties in the form of the vendor to access the data in any of the ways. The privacy is maintained significantly by the company and thus, it encourages the clients to utilize desktop applications while transferring the files, rather than choosing to upload the files through company’s own web portal.

The use of the desktop application (from SpriderOak) ensures and verifies the users so that only the real user could decrypt the message. For decrypting the messages, users have quite a long number as their password. This serves as the key for the users to decode the file. This system ensures the safety of the data against external as well as internal hacking. This also assures that none of the professionals at the company can decode the message.

In addition to safe file storage, users can also safeguard other documents, images as well as videos on the secure file storage system provided by SpiderOak. Thus, zero-knowledge is all about providing safety to the documents of the clients and with this very specific reason, cloud companies must invest in such techniques to let the users experience the complete security of their documents over different servers.

Lets’ unlock the amazing features of SpriderOak

  • Entire zero-knowledge privacy

Zero-knowledge privacy file storage secures clients’ data completely. As it has been discussed earlier, no one other than the user itself has the keys to decrypt the messages. Thus, the data and related documents remain much safer than other similar software.

  • Mobile app (iOS & Android) are available

SpiderOak has made its app available on the iTunes and Android platform and thus, related users have the option to choose any of the preferred platforms to get their data secured. This is an additional advantage of using the services from SpiderOak.

  • Excessive options to share and sync files

With the use of SpiderOak, there comes a series of options to be chosen by the users when sharing and syncing the files. This helps them choose those methods that are preferred and have familiarity with the users. The system thus allows more and more users to explore the huge functionality.

  • Robust security with unique password for shared rooms

The password for the shared files includes an extensively large number, which is inaccessible for other users and company professionals as well. This provides robust protection to the files and document hosted.


Right from the establishment of the company, SpiderOak has grown from just a backup and sync providing company to a complete data security firm. The company takes clients’ privacy so seriously that no one even from the company can have the access to clients’ data. The zero-knowledge concept further makes the privacy foolproof with the fact that when files are uploaded to the related server, they are encrypted as soon as the users are done with loading. This seems a promising feature for SpiderOak to grow significantly in the future.

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