ProtonMail For Email To Protect Your Online Privacy

Privacy matters and it matters the most when we particularly discuss online communication. The ways and means of communication have certainly changed in the past few years; however, a secure email program has still managed to be the most useful of all even being one among the most matured ones. Emails do the talking in a number of ways, sometimes for the clients and in many other situations for a number of service providers.

As we discussed earlier, privacy does matter while indulging into a secure email service and probably no other email service but ProtonMail does the needful exceptionally by implementing the privacy email program. Being a web-based encrypted safe email service, ProtonMail has gained immense popularity. This encrypted email service includes a number of features that have contributed to the fame of ProtonMail.

Since ProtonMail primarily deals with security, it thus provides encrypted email, which makes it an impossible task for anyone other than the sender and the receiver to read the email. Having a user base of 1 million users, this is the largest encrypted secure email service. The extraordinary features’ list of ProtonMail does not stop here but goes beyond some of the striking aspects.

Why use ProtonMail?

Some of the most exceptional benefits of ProtonMail have already been discussed in early paragraphs; however, there is more to know about it and thus, here is the explanation on why use ProtonMail?

  • Keeps the emails safe from getting disclosed to the third party
  • Messages are encrypted automatically
  • With the zero access technique, it is impossible, even for ProtonMail, to read your messages other than the recipients they have been directed to.
  • It is an open source technique; hence, it can be inspected by security experts across the globe.
  • ProtonMail is 100% free; thus, can be utilized without paying for the services. The basic accounts can be signed up for free.

In addition to all these advantages, ProtonMail abides strict privacy laws and is hosted completed in Switzerland. The advantages of ProtonMail is not just limited to the secure emails only. Users have the option of browsing through the ProtonMail app also. The app (with definitive features) is just the right move for the users who are wishing to:

  • Set up brand new email address
  • Forward as well as receive encrypted email docs
  • Get options in email for setting timers so that messages get self-destructed after they are sent
  • Customize emails with a variety of labels
  • Receive push notifications in case the new messages arrive
  • Create encrypted emails having password protection for non-ProtonMail email users

Having a bunch of benefits, ProtonMail is a worth utilizing option that has all the features of a safe email program for the email senders and the receivers too. Thus, utilizing this Gmail-like service ensures that the messages are sent and read only by the authorized users. ProtonMail has exceptional features to offer to the users. It is secure, works for encrypted emails and easy to use as well. Let’s dive deep into all these benefits to knowing this encrypted message technology a bit closely.

ProtonMail protects users’ privacy

While creating an account, ProtonMail does not ask for the personal user information. By default, there is no provision with ProtonMail to keep the IP logs that further connect to different email accounts. This way, the exceptional ProtonMail technology promises for the privacy of the users.

Easy to use email technology

ProtonMail is easy to use on any of the devices and needs no software installation. This secure email account technology has compatibility with a number of email service providers; thus, emails can be sent as well as received easily without indulging into security hassle.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption automatically secures email. This means that person other than the receiver can never decrypt the message to read the same. Thus, the email sent to the specific person in no ways can be shared with the third party in any of the means. Hence, end-to-end encryption secures the email completely.

All these benefits have contributed to the acceptance of ProtonMail by a number of users worldwide. The technique is innovative and promises complete security for both the parties i.e. the sender and the receiver. The noble features have built up the trust of users in this encrypted email technology.

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