Upcoming BFI and Global Gold “Plan B Briefing” in Austin, Texas

This year we have seen new challenges to our already troubled political and economic environment. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find an optimal solution to protect private assets, preserve wealth and secure it from existing and potential threats. It’s time to consider a ‘Plan B’!

Thanks to the existing fundamental weaknesses in our financial system and complex geopolitical issues, we are faced with added pressure when it comes to making the right decisions on wealth management. The financial markets started off the year in red territory. Monetary excesses and governmental overreach have clearly failed to bring our economies back on track and it does not seem that the situation will change for the better anytime soon.

We are currently going through a transition period in which the protection against government confiscation and litigation is key. We believe it is wise to consider diversifying internationally, as well as storing a part of one’s wealth in real assets outside the traditional banking system.

This is the purpose and the aim of BFI’s ‘Plan B’ Briefing, that will be held in Austin, Texas on September 21st and 22nd, where BFI’s CEO & Chairman, Frank Suess, and Claudio Grass, the Managing Director of Global Gold, will be sharing their views and offering hands-on, concrete solutions for wealth management and preservation.

We created a forum for fellow investors to explore and discuss mechanisms that can help them achieve exactly that. In other words, we hope to offer the help needed to create alternatives – where your traditional or original wealth plan may simply no longer be enough.

Frank R. Suess is an advocate of free-market principles and known for his expertise in comprehensive wealth management solutions. He is the CEO and Chairman of BFI Capital Group, a group that has built a strong reputation as an international wealth management firm. BFI’s primary focus centers around advising their U.S. clients on achieving multi-jurisdictional wealth diversification through the development of the appropriate services and solutions. The company has a long track record and profound experience in the field of wealth management and financial services, and brings together its know-how and expert network to create the most optimal and comprehensive investment solutions. Those solutions are not only effective and prudent, but also compliant with local and international regulations.

Accordingly, BFI devised a new Global Investment and Retirement Plan, “ONE Trust”: a personalized international investment and retirement plan that provides a straight-forward solution. ONE Trust meets the needs and objectives of US investors by demystifying and simplifying the jurisdictional diversification of their wealth offshore, without the usual complexities and costs.

Claudio Grass, is the Managing Director of Global Gold (GG), a precious metals trading and storage firm and a subsidiary of BFI Capital Group. Claudio is a strong advocate of the Austrian School of Economics and libertarianism. He is a vocal critic of our fiat currency-based monetary system and believes in the importance of holding precious metals, particularly gold, as a store of wealth. Accordingly, through GG, investors and savers are offered a service that secures the physical ownership of precious metals in a safe location outside the traditional banking system; a strategic option that is prudent and increasingly necessary in these times of uncertainty and unpredictability. GG ensures that all metals are fully insured and kept in private AAA high security storage facilities, securing the client’s ownership of the stored metals. Additionally, GG services include its new Key Box Storage (KBS) option, whereby the locked container, or Key Box, is accessible only by the client, the sole owner and key-holder of the box.

Both BFI and Global Gold offer an alternative train of thought from the mainstream views we regularly encounter. Their view has a lot to do with the Swiss mentality; specifically, a strong emphasis on decentralization and respect for property rights. The Swiss political system is known to be the only existing example that promotes direct democracy – its federalist government limits the power of central authorities and gives a major part of fiscal and political power to the people. In such a system with these checks and balances in place, there is no room for statist measures. Thus, Switzerland is the premier location for creating a solid game plan to achieve long-term wealth preservation.

American investors, in particular, have a number of concerns with regards to their investment options. For one, they are concerned about the political, economic and social direction the American authorities have taken. These, in turn, have exposed Americans to increased red tape and litigation, more taxation, and even a heightened risk of implicit – or even explicit – confiscation. Therefore, the best option available is to invest your nest egg offshore, and Switzerland is the optimal jurisdiction for making that international wealth diversification happen.

The creative minds at BFI and Global Gold believe in the basic need of protecting ourselves from the inherent flaws in our financial systems. In recognition of the challenges and complexities we are witnessing, the Plan B Briefing is a great opportunity to learn more and  find real solutions for developing your personalized international asset protection and investment strategy.

Plan B Briefing
September 21st – 22nd
Austin, Texas

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