On The Day Of The UNSC Resolution, A Reminder Of The Two-State Red Herring And Why Israel Is Not A Democracy

For those who missed it, the UN Security Council is voting today on an Egyptian resolution condemning Israeli colonization (incl. in East Jerusalem) and declaring all settlements beyond the 1967 “green line” illegal. It is being hypothesized the US might, for the first time, not apply its veto to defend Israel.

While parsing this news, please keep the following truth in mind:

Israel is sovereign between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan river, as it controls the airspace, borders, money and taxation. Thus a majority of its citizens (those living in the West Bank and Gaza) do not currently enjoy the right to vote (or to live, or to pursue happiness).

The “2 state solution” is a red herring. If a Palestinian leader with enough clout, inspired by Mandela, stood up and said “our fight is not one for statehood, it is one for civil rights; let’s renounce violence and demand equal rights, let the future representative and democratic government we shall elect together decide upon the issues that divide us; Eretz Israel!” his life expectancy would rapidly drop to zero.

He’d be right though.

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