Donald Psyop Trump: Seddique Mateen

This week Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd in Kissimmee, just south of Orlando, Florida. Something very strange happened at that event. No, she didn’t have a seizure, or bark like a dog; that wouldn’t be strange, we know she has brain damage.

The Taliban-supporting, gay-punishing, father of local mass-murderer Omar Mateen was found to be standing on the stage right behind Hillary Clinton, basically in the middle of everyone’s TV screen.

Please, tell me, what is the likelihood of:

  1. Seddique Mateen actually supporting Hillary, given the contradictions between Sharia law (which he says he supports) and the US-liberals’ social agenda
  2. Seddique Mateen unilaterally deciding to attend Hillary’s Orlando rally, in light of his recent fame (and of the shame he must be feeling if he’s a real human being)
  3. Seddique Mateen deciding to stand on stage right behind Hillary (out of the 3000+ places available), in full camera view, and thus risking to harm the chances of “his candidate”
  4. The Secret Service not vetting the people on stage behind the candidate
  5. The campaign not typically reserving the spots right behind the candidate for right-looking people (i.e. whose appearances subliminally reinforce the candidate’s brand)
  6. Nobody from the Secret Service or the campaign noticing a mass murderer’s famous relative standing behind Clinton in full camera view
  7. Seddique Mateen choosing to wear a noticeable hat for the occasion

So, loosely speaking, if each one of these conditions had a 10% chance of being fulfilled, the events we observed had a 0.00001% probability of occurrence.

If it didn’t “just happen”, somebody must have planned it that way. Two possibilities remain:

– Hillary Clinton’s handlers thought this would help her cause
– Other “powers that be” are looking to sabotage Hillary’s chances

My guess is Trump will attack Hillary on this, and the mass media will advertise his attack (and these strange facts) by “defending” her, repeating ad nauseam how racist it is to blame the terrorist’s father for anything (either that or they will so blatantly cover it up that the facts will be advertised by virtue of the Streisand effect). It will hurt Hillary regardless, especially within the gay community and the intellectually honest left (e.g. feminists who decry the institutional treatment of women in the Arab world).

It is precisely the kind of Trump-favouring negative reinforcement we’ve seen throughout the campaign – like widely broadcasting a poster reading “Hillary, Most Corrupt Candidate Ever”, while pretexting some ludicrous antisemitism tale nobody believes, on the very same week-end as the FBI saying Hillary is a criminal but she’s above the law.

Or, in another context, when they all come out saying, right after an Islamic terrorist attack, “this has nothing to do with Islam”. Indeed it has nothing to do with Islam (it has on the other hand everything to do with wahhabism, psychological warfare and Western imperialism); but posing as defenders of the attackers’ faith before grieving in sympathy with their victims’ families in insensitive at best, and counterproductive in all cases.

Funnily enough, Seddique Mateen was wearing a red baseball cap, one that is eerily similar to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” headgear. This will probably not get mentioned. Still, you can be sure Clinton voters having a change of heart while watching the Seddique Mateen footage shall be imprinted with the Trump alternative.

This was part 3 of the Donald Psyop Trump series. Part 1 is here.

Edit: here is part 4.



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