Donald Psyop Trump: Soon We’ll Know For Sure

This series of posts focused on one contention: the Donald Trump “phenomenon” is an elaborate psychological operation devised for nefarious purposes by powers-that-be, rather than a true rebellious, grass-root movement. If true, he had to be elected; however the fact he just did obviously doesn’t prove it’s true.

One can say this: it is admirable for the US population to have elected him, and to have chosen him versus Clinton despite the apparent deluge of propaganda. As a free man who may act against all advice if he’s convinced he’s doing the right thing, the American people have ignored the intellectuals (i.e. mandibular professionals educated beyond their intelligence), and done what they think is best for their country.

In the forthcoming weeks we’ll know if Trump is a “Republican Obama” (i.e. someone who promises hope and change, enthralls many good-intended people, and then carries on the neocon/globalist agenda). These would be clear early signs he’s NOT the real deal:

– Like Obama, he appoints neocons / warhawks to his administration; if people like John Bolton get anywhere near the WH, you’ll know.

– Like Obama, the whole “let’s not make war” stance is quickly forgotten; in particular look to see if his admin’s position on Syria/Russia/Iran converges towards that of the VP.

– He starts pleasing his backer and donor Sheldon Adelson on Iran.

– Hillary and her cronies walk free from the corruption, war crimes and presumed child abuse/trafficking all now know about.

– There’s a major “Islamic terrorist attack”, and the government goes full patriot-act retard against the US domestic population.

Of course we’ll know for sure after the next economic and monetary event. The impending inflation and dollar demise cannot, at this point, be avoided; nor is it likely such a development can be pushed back another 8 years. However there are two distinct possible paths of action when it does happen:

1) Identify the problem as it is: neoclassical macroeconomics, and a century of monetary debasement. Unilaterally proceed to the dissolution of the Federal Reserve System via the repealing of the Federal Reserve Act and all relevant legislation. Either announce a unilateral gold-backed “dollar 2.0” issued by the Treasury (and outlaw fractional reserve banking) or, better, terminate government monopoly over money (people are free to choose what to use, Hayekian denationalization of money i.e. separation of money and state). If he stays true to his statist-nationalist campaign-self, he’d re-monetize gold, and confiscate all foreign bullion at the NY Fed as “an appreciation fee for the great service we’ve been providing the world”.

2) Betray the American people by appearing dumbfounded at the economic calamity, attend an international summit on monetary reform (“Bretton Woods 2.0”), and sign the USA into a neo-bancor, i.e. a “new, improved, multilateral, benevolent global money system“. That would mean globalism ad infinitum, a true new world order indeed.

Time will tell, soon. If it becomes clear Trump is a globalist puppet, it will demoralize so many of his supporters, and make so many fall into cognitive dissonance, that hope for positive change will have been effectively crushed in America for the foreseeable future.



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