A Possible False-Flag Attack Foiled in France

Local French newspapers reported that, on Sep 21 2016, employees of a mowing company saw three suspicious men hurriedly leaving, in a white van, the surroundings of a small church in Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent (western French countryside, near Saumur). They found the lock had been changed on the gate giving access to the brambled area; when they entered to clear the zone as per their contract, they found, in an underground cave, ISIS flags, Arabic newspapers, a generator, and some audiovisual equipment. They called the police, many came; locals were reportedly very worried.

Residents (and local journalists) were relieved when it was subsequently announced the cave had in fact been used by the CIANRBC (Joint Chiefs’ Center for Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical Defence), part of the French army. They had reportedly used it to hide the ISIS material as part of an exercise.

Since the summer of 2014 (three months after Valls’ start as prime minister), CIANRBC’s director is Colonel Jean-Christophe Le Roux, working under the authority of General Arnaud Nicolazo de Barmon.

No national (or international) news media covered the event. It made virtually no headline in the English-speaking world.

A sole public voice, that of François Asselineau (president of the Popular Republican Union, UPR), asked for explanations, and called for a parliamentary investigation into the “Saumur affair”. He demanded answers to the following questions:

  • Is it normal for military exercises to occur in troglodyte caches appearing abandoned?
  • Why has none of the normal information procedures (civil and military) been respected?
  • How do you justify the flight of the three men as part of a supposed military exercise?
  • Who are the three fugitives?
  • What happened subsequently? Was the military exercise discontinued? Or was it carried on, after the journalists left?
  • What was the exact purpose of the ISIS flags, and of the Arabic newspapers, for your mission of teaching about radiological, nuclear and chemical decontamination?
  • What were the exact newspapers that were found?
  • Where did you get the ISIS flags? How could an official military school obtain them? Do other State agencies have any, and if so, for what purpose?

Other questions may be asked:

  • What is the exercise’s name? Who is running it? Who is paying for it?
  • Was a live drill planned as part of the exercise?
  • Were passports, identity cards, drivers’ licenses, or any other photo-ID documents to be used as other props in the exercise?
  • Was the exercise/operation run or designed in cooperation with (or with the help of) an intelligence service? A foreign agency? Any other entity?
  • Were the ISIS flags found in the runaway cars of the Charlie Hebdo killers of the same manufacture than those found in Saumur?
  • Does the CIANRBC deny being involved with the so-called “Gladio B” strategy of tension, or any other such clandestine operation?

No clarification has so far been forthcoming.

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Update: in a similar vein, the Pentagon was busted paying half a billion dollars to produce Al Qaeda propaganda videos



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